Camera Strap Triberg

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Camera strap Triberg

The Oberwerth Triberg strap trumps visually and haptically with its braided structure made of the finest suede. This was reinforced on the back with 45% artificial silk to make it tear and cut resistant. The material combined with the braided structure has proven to be extremely soft and durable. The large rhubarb leather neck pad flatters your skin and distributes the weight of your camera evenly across your shoulders. Rhubarb leather is particularly kind to the skin and is especially popular with allergy sufferers.

The width of the strap promises a comfortable feel even on longer days and with heavy equipment. Thanks to the universal eyelet mount, the Triberg can be attached to almost any camera in seconds.

  • The ergonomically shaped neck pad made of Rhubarb Leather® distributes the weight of the camera optimally and evenly.
  • The use of Rhubarb Leather® from Germany ensures a very high and durable wearing comfort.
  • Reinforced with 45% synthetic silk to make the strap cut and tear resistant
  • finest suede - not only optically an absolute highlight
  • with leather protectors to protect your camera from scratches


Weight: 165g
Strap width: 3,5 cm
Pad width: 42 cm
Material thickness: 0,5 cm
Belt length: 130 cm
Leather: Rhubarb leather neck pad® / suede belt reinforced with 45% artificial silk

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