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Oberwerth Business Line

Oberwerth business bags - that means the highest quality materials and a design that has been thought out down to the smallest detail to make your everyday life as pleasant as possible.

The elegant everyday companions are handmade from the finest leathers and finished with the best metal fittings.

Inside, the bags shine with a separate laptop compartment and several interior pockets, as well as a card and pen case.

The shapely, timeless design and the intelligent division make the Oberwerth business bags the perfect companion in your everyday life.

Convince yourself and find the bag that suits you best - Count on superior materiality, functionality and quality that inspires!

Elegant robustness, flattering softness or luxurious feel: each bag is unique, elegant, but no less functional.

In our business bag range you will find the right bag for every situation: for the outing the small Stow Away and for everyday life in the office or on the road the laptop bags Gordon, Warren S and Warren M.

The small Stow Away bag is the perfect everyday companion. With many interior pockets and intelligent design, it offers enough space for everything you need in everyday life. The spacious main compartment is accessible through a smooth opening 2-way zipper at the top of the bag. This main section is also equipped with 2 additional pockets inside for subdivision: once an open pocket in the front part and the other a zipper pocket in the back of the main compartment to safely store smaller or more fragile items.

The Oberwerth business bags are available in our store in a wide variety of high-quality leathers, which meet the highest standards and are soft to the touch. The bags trump with their velvety feel and the classic, timeless style that characterizes all Oberwerth bags.

From the very beginning Oberwerth has relied on the finest leather, innovative materials and above all for you the combination of uncompromising functionality paired with casual, timeless elegance. For this reason, we naturally also grant you a lifetime warranty on our business bags!

*To claim the warranty, you have to register your business bag on - See footer: Product Registration

Stow Away Bags

Stow Away Bag Casual blackStow Away Bag Casual black
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Stow Away Bag Casual dark brownStow Away Bag Casual dark brown
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Stow Away Bag Soft blackStow Away Bag Soft black
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Stow Away Bag Soft dark brownStow Away Bag Soft dark brown
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