Oberwerth extended warranty: "Lifetime guarantee" after registration
Voluntary, lifelong guarantee for all of our bags (not half cases) from B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter also "Oberwerth") after the 2-year statutory dealer guarantee has expired.

In order to be able to claim the guarantee, the bag to be registered must be from the B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG was placed on the market. Claims from this guarantee only exist if the Oberwerth product is registered within 8 weeks of purchase (proof of purchase is required in addition to the serial number, including the purchase receipt).

We give a 5 year guarantee on our half cases. To claim the guarantee, we need the original proof of purchase.

Guarantee from B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG, Friedrich-Mohr Str. 13, 56070 Koblenz:
For selected bags that are available on the Oberwerth website at the time of purchase (www.oberwerth.de) that can be selected in the registration list and that were registered within 8 weeks of purchase, the B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG grants the consumer an independent, lifelong warranty extension from the expiry of the 2-year statutory dealer warranty, irrespective of the existing statutory rights of material defects and defects of title.

If the product shows defects during this guarantee period as a result of a material or manufacturing fault, we will either repair it free of charge at our discretion or replace it with a defect-free product.

The prerequisite for claiming the "lifelong guarantee extension" for bags and the "5-year guarantee" for half cases is proof of the date of purchase by submitting the original purchase receipt (printout) and the guarantee confirmation, which is created during registration and will be sent to you at the email address on file.

The guarantee service must be carried out by Oberwerth. The product in question must be sent to Oberwerth. Costs for repairs that were not carried out by Oberwerth will not be reimbursed.

The guarantee does not cover damage, defects or malfunctions caused by improper operation or treatment, impact, dropping or contamination, for example by moisture, sand, dust, dirt, leaked batteries or the use of unsuitable care and cleaning agents.

The guarantee also does not extend to damage caused or increased by improper repair attempts.

The guarantee does not cover the repair, maintenance or replacement of parts whose damage or wear is a result of normal use.

The guarantee expires if changes are made to the product without the express consent of the manufacturer.

There is also no guarantee if the model designation and / or serial number have been removed, changed or made illegible. The serial number is sewn into the inner compartment of every Oberwerth bag. If you do not find a serial number at this point, you can send your purchase receipt and provide your personal details to your bag registrierung@oberwerth.de register independently. Please note that in such cases your details will be processed manually and registration may take a few days.

The guarantee is not transferable. The guarantee only covers those Oberwerth products for which the lifelong guarantee extension has been granted and which had to be selected in the registration list at the time of purchase. The guarantee does not apply to used and / or privately purchased goods. B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG is only liable for damages on the basis of mandatory legal regulations, in particular according to the provisions of the Product Liability Act, but not limited to this. The guarantee claim in particular does not include a claim for compensation due to destroyed films or memory cards, wasted development costs, loss of data, batteries, travel expenses, loss of earnings, fees or other consequential damage in any form caused by the material defect.

We are not bound by any further promises, in particular guarantees given expressly or implicitly by third parties, but only on the person who has given the further promise. Insofar as the buyer has acquired the Oberwerth product as a consumer within the meaning of the law, the resulting statutory claims for defects against the seller are not restricted by this guarantee.

Important instructions:
Please keep the registration confirmation and the proof of purchase in a safe place. B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG is not liable for their loss and does not issue duplicates.
By registering, the customer consents to the storage of his personal data by B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG. These data are only used for our own communication with the customer and are not passed on to third parties.

If repairs are necessary, please send the product securely packed with a detailed description of the fault as well as a completed warranty card, purchase receipt, email confirmation and, if necessary, demo images to the above address. In your own interest, please ensure that the shipment is adequately insured. Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG does not assume any shipping costs after the two-year statutory dealer warranty has expired and only undertakes free returns within Germany. Shipments outside of Germany are sent at cost.

If B&F Oberwerth GmbH & Co. KG finds that a product that has been sent in is not entitled to free service under these warranty conditions, the customer will be informed of this, stating the expected repair costs. If the customer does not place a corresponding repair order within two weeks, the Oberwerth product will be sent back to him unrepaired.