What do I wear as a wedding photographer?

Being a photographer at a wedding is an exciting job. Capturing this unique and very special day in the life of two people also takes a lot of responsibility, after all, the bride and groom want to see all the moving and beautiful of this day captured by the photographer on film. At the same time, experienced wedding photographers know that they can be busy with the wedding for up to 17 hours for an all-day report and be on their feet all day. So your outfit has to be comfortable and practical and at the same time adapt well to the special occasion. What you should consider and what experienced wedding photographers recommend, read here!

The wedding determines the outfit

First of all, it should be said that the photographer's clothes should primarily be based on the wishes and ideas of the bride and groom for their wedding. To do this, you should discuss the question of dress with the bride and groom at an early stage, know the dress code and also be based on the location.

Naturally, this usually happens through the choice of the photographer on the part of the bride and groom. Because the bridal couple is already looking for a photographer who suits them. If photographers then stick to their own style not only with the pictures but also with their clothes, the ensemble should be consistent. There should always be a bit of leeway on the scale between chic and casual and it should be individually tailored to the wedding.

The personal relationship that connects the bride and groom and the photographer is also important for choosing the right outfit. Because as a photographer you are not necessarily just a service provider, but sometimes also a guest. If the relationship is rather friendly and the bride and groom see the photographer as a special guest, they should dress up like one in order not to stand out among the guests.

If, on the other hand, the relationship is more that between service provider and customer and the bridal couple prefers a very discreet outfit for the photographer, the photographer can use the clothes of the waiters and waitresses as a guide when choosing his work outfit at the wedding, for example. So it is classic, elegant and unobtrusive in most cases exactly right.

Discretion is part of the craft

As with other service providers in the wedding business, a discreet demeanor is often very much appreciated by photographers. Perhaps you don't just want to “smile please” and take group pictures, but also capture a real spontaneous encounter or reaction unnoticed here and there. Anyone walking around in a brightly colored shirt may have scared off the first photo-shy guests.

As a result, one of the most popular options among professional wedding photographers is the suit. Anyone who likes to dress up anyway and also feel right at home in a tuxedo can definitely go this way. On the other hand, if you tend to be on the casual side, black jeans and a nice, simple shirt are just the thing for you.

For practical reasons, an experienced wedding photographer always has something weatherproof and a replacement outfit with him. When choosing a school, in addition to aesthetic aspects such as simplicity and elegance, practical aspects such as comfort and low noise should also play a role. As a wedding photographer you definitely don't want to attract unnecessary attention with squeaky or rattling shoes!

In order not to commit a style break at an elegant wedding, photographers must of course think about how to replace the practical cargo pants, in which all the small parts of photography such as spare batteries or lens caps fit. The right photo bag can be worth its weight in gold here. For those who are often out and about at elegant celebrations, a timelessly beautiful and durable leather bag is recommended. Everything a photographer's heart desires disappears in it inconspicuously, so that in case of doubt it is always close at hand.

When choosing clothes, it is also important with which effort you want to take photos yourself. Because if you like to throw yourself in the dirt or climb trees for the perfect photo, you can quickly ruin a beautiful suit. If that's not really your own style, something more elegant might be more realistic.

Wedding photographers: spoiled for choice

Much is being written and heatedly discussed in forums and on the Internet about the choice of clothes for wedding photographers. But what about the photographers? Well, black trousers and a shirt might still go through, but women do not find that particularly chic.

Although the choice of wedding outfit for women photographers can be a bit more complicated, they have the advantage that women generally have a little more room for fashion at weddings. So you are spoiled for choice and pretty much everything is possible from cocktail dresses to overalls.

For practical reasons, many wedding photographers recommend making sure that dresses and skirts go over your knees in order to be as mobile as possible and to avoid unwanted glimpses. It is just as important to dress not only fashionably but above all comfortably. The perfect outfit is also not too flashy in terms of color or pattern. Other no-gos are white dresses (the bride usually already wears them) and anything that glitters or rustles. Likewise, uncomfortable shoes and rattling heels for wedding photographers are welcome to stay at home! For the modern photographer, Oberwerth offers the matching camera bags. A mix of handbag and camera bag in one.

Courage for idiosyncratic outfits

Although many wedding photographers prefer to rely on their classic suits or combinations of black jeans and shirt, some photographers prefer to wear something fashionably idiosyncratic instead of elegant outfits. Whether you are the type for it depends above all on whether you also like to venture into fashion in private and in everyday life.

In the best case, the photographer's outfit can become his trademark. For example, some wedding photographers wear the same special bow tie or hat every time they go out, which is already recognizable by wedding guests.

Authenticity pays off

Those who feel comfortable in their own skin, but also in their wedding outfit, come across as personable and authentic. In case of doubt, such a photographer is better received by the bride and groom and the guests and can often take better photos thanks to this basis of trust. Nevertheless, the photographer's clothing must of course always primarily and primarily match the event, the dress code and the location.

An original outfit can also serve as an ice breaker and thus help to build a bridge to the wedding guests. Especially for people who don't like to be in front of the camera that much, it may be relaxing to see someone who comes across as authentic and real. Then they too can be photographed exactly as they are there and will be recognized in the photos by the bride and groom as their authentic self.




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