Rhubarb leather® - a material with lasting success

Tanning is the most important step in leather production. The selection of the material and the tanning agents is decisive for the later quality and compatibility of leather goods. At Oberwerth, we therefore pay attention to sustainable and gentle tanning processes when selecting our leather.
In our search for a particularly soft, environmentally friendly and compatible leather for our camera straps, we came across a uniquely interesting and innovative process for tanning leather. A process whose specialty lies in the use of the raw materials used for tanning. Because tanning is done exclusively with extracts of the rhubarb root: Rhubarb leather® is therefore purely vegetable, i.e. vegetable, tanned and so compatible that it can even be used for babies and toddlers without hesitation. In addition, it impresses with its anti-allergenic properties.


100% Made in Germany - starting with the rhubarb cultivation

The tannins used for tanning can be extracted from the roots of the rhubarb. The rhubarb roots used come from regional cultivation. Even with the raw materials, it was important for the developers of the process to use a native and uncomplicated plant. In addition to the rhubarb, the cattle hides also come from Germany and are then processed in a tannery in Bavaria.

For ecological reasons, the manufacturer keeps the transport routes as short as possible. Rhubarb is a renewable raw material and leather is biodegradable. After tanning, the manufacturer returns the plant residues to the ecological cycle through composting. The result is a product that is sustainable in every respect: Rhubarb Leather®

Completely without chemicals - particularly allergy-friendly

Vegetable tanning with rhubarb works without chromium salts and heavy metals. This makes the leather particularly skin-friendly and breathable. The European Foundation for Allergy Research (ECARF) has therefore certified it, because it is also ideal for people with (chrome) allergies. It can therefore be optimally used for products with direct skin contact, such as our camera straps.

The feel and smell of the rhubarb leather are also particularly pleasant. The structure of the cowhide is retained, but at the same time the leather is particularly soft and supple, making it extremely comfortable to wear. Experts call this the "cashmere effect". In addition, Rhubarb leather® smells more subtle and sweeter than conventionally tanned leather. All of this makes Rhubarb Leather® a high-quality, special and simply unique product.

We use rhubarb leather® for our camera strap RHINE as well as the wrist strap ISAR.

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