Spring is here! Nature has awakened from the winter blow and is finally showing its beautiful play of colors again - a dream for photographers. But how is the perfect nature photo created? Photographer Tamara Skudies is an expert in nature photography. In her pictures she stages the small details and convinces with expressiveness and uniqueness. Below is her 10 tips for creative nature photography that might give any photographer a little inspiration for their next walk outdoors.

1. The staging of nature: It depends on the time of day

In addition to the subject to be photographed, one factor in particular is decisive for nature photography: the right light! The perfect light for my subject depends a lot on how I want to show it in my picture. First of all I think about WHAT exactly I want to photograph, WHERE in nature I find this motif and finally HOW I want to depict it. If I have a specific idea about these three points, the WHEN comes into play. Because for the perfect nature photo it is important to decide when the light is so favorable that I capture the lighting mood ideally. Therefore, I consciously take the time to keep my eyes open on my walks and often keep them in the same place several times. I literally study my surroundings and often achieve much nicer moods than with photos that I just take quickly "on the move"

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